From best friends to marriage, this husband-wife business came about organically when they realized there weren't many protein snacks that were capable of energizing Federico (a true athlete of over 20 years) or keep up with Ellie (an international performer) for the long-term.

For their community made up of all sorts (stay-a-home moms, gym goers, 9-5ers, adventure enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, artists... you name it) it seemed the same was true for them too!  



Because for most bars, sustaining energy didn't necessarily equate to HEALTH or TASTE!

And for these two love-birds, health was important but TASTE WAS EVERYTHING!


After a long search for that perfect protein snack that could sustain them long-term, it was clear that they were starved for choice - they were mostly experiencing weird chalky protein aftertastes or crazy sugar overloads.


So Federico (Rico) went on a mission to create his own 100% handmade healthy power snack:


*One that's NO SUGAR ADDED (and no, we're not talking artificial sweeteners either)

*One that's All-Natural

*One that's No-Bake (so that each bite provided maximum nutrients) 

*One that would keep you coming back for more

  without the hurt of breaking your diet!


That was all great in theory but when

creating an all-natural, organic recipe,

sustainability and FLAVOR called for a

tricky balance.


You see, Rico was born and raised in Italy

meaning growing up, he always had to live up to

a 'Nonna Approved' standard when it came to


So not only are each ingredients sourced and

balanced carefully, Rico and Ellie had to

make sure that TASTE was of no


The big question:

Was this something Rico's Nonna would actually eat?

As you can imagine, the bar was set very high.

I mean let's face it - if you have to 'eat to live', why not 'LIVE TO EAT' too!


What about lifestyle?  


Rico and Ellie love to cook. Home-cooked meals are big in their household so that wasn't really the issue.


It was when they were on-the-go that 

protein snacks came into the picture - you know, when you're busy and you need that extra boost.

So: Health - Check, Sustainability - Check, Taste - Check...

But what about those protein bars you used to take a bite of, couldn't finish because you were in a rush, tried to wrap it back up but it ended up melting ALL OVER YOUR BAG?! 

YUP. Been there.

So Ellie and Rico decided to take it an extra mile by HAND CUTTING every piece into bite-sized babies! Truly a labor of love just for you.

Yup, just pop one in your mouth with NO MESS!


When you have bite-sized babies, you better believe RPB packaging is re-sealable!

But this got Rico and Ellie thinking further - how many snacks do you get through in a day, especially on-the-go, that got you throwing out plastic wrappers?

It's all fine and dandy to focus on health but if there's no world to live on, it would all be for naught. 

So Rico's Power Bites are held in eco-friendly bags so along with supporting health of the body, they can support the health of the planet too. 



Today, Rico’s Power Bites has finally come together as a tasty,

handmade snack that you can take anywhere.

Rich in protein, healthy fats, and high in fiber,

Rico and Ellie made this product for active, on-the-go people like you.

Because why should being busy equate to not being able to satisfy those tastebuds and stay healthy at the same time!

Just have a satisfying bite and keep going!


Are you ready to BOOST YOUR DAILY LIFE with Rico’s Power Bites? 

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